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As a small business owner, I understand the importance of referrals as a potential source for new clients. I also appreciate the assurances and confidence that accompany a trusted recommendation. I inquired about a cleaning services with a friend in 2006 and was given Aneta's name. 

Aneta is above all a kind, honest, and responsible person. As a professional she possesses the qualities that create consistent client satisfaction and the solid foundation for a successful business. She is courteous and considerate and has an exceptional work ethic. When possible, she is flexible to accommodate schedule changes and unique tasks. I suspect that Aneta's attention to detail and thoroughness with which she attends to my home is the same for her own. Most importantly, I trust Aneta and have never doubted her sincerity or integrity.

I am certain that I am one of many who wholeheartedly support Aneta's larger business venture. I have happily recommended Aneta to several people, including my business partner. I will continue to encourage her business development and would gladly answer any questions regarding her professional performance.


- Jennifer Smith (Devon, PA)



Top-notch service done by wonderful people who really care!


- Susan McCormick (Villanova, PA)


Not only is Aneta extremaly hardworking, honest, and reliable she also is a lovely person. Aneta shows an impeccable attention to detail and consistently looks for ways to improve her and her team's work. I would highly recommend her to clean a home or office for even the most discriminating employer. She's fantastic!


- Deborah Gordon (Wayne, PA)


I highly recommend Aneta and everyone on Gorgeously Clean team. They have been working for me since 2009 and continue to be consistently reliable and thorough. Aneta and her staff are friendly, flexible, and responsible. In fact their honesty has allowed me to entrust her with my house key so that they may work whenever I travel and am unavailable. Aneta has my highest recommendation.


- Teresa Esen (Gladwyne, PA)